DC is More Popular Than Marvel in 2022 at least on Pornhub!

When it comes to horniness- DC wins!

Pornhub released its annual “Year in Review” findings this week, including the most searched movies and characters.

The list is topped by Harley Quinn, who was also number one in 2021; she finished second in 2019 behind the Avengers.

The Avengers dropped to eighth in 2022, although Black Widow is fourth after Star Wars at number two and 365 Days (lol) at number three. Wonder Woman is fifth, followed by Sonic at six. Not to kink shame anyone, but: no.

Harley Quinn tops a list on Uproxx of the most “adult” searched movies and characters of 2022. She’s followed by “Star Wars”, “365 Days”, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman.

Here are the top 15:

1. Harley Quinn
2. Star Wars
3. 365 Days
4. Black Widow
5. Wonder Woman
6. Sonic
7. Catwoman
8. Avengers
9. Princess Leia
10. Guardians of the Galaxy
11. Avatar
12. Batman
13. Elastigirl
14. Tomb Raider
15. The Incredibles