Desired Movie Moments That People Want To Experience!

Do you want a “movie magic” kiss in your lifetime, or something else?

So, how was your Valentine’s Day?  This year looked a little different, no doubt!  While many don’t put too much stock into the very commercial day, there are those who really want that romance.  Real-life romance is rare, but that doesn’t stop us from fantasizing about it….


Prior to Valentine’s Day, a study  was conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Diamondére and it found:

  • 70% of people admit they’d love to have one “movie magic” kiss in their lifetime.
  • When it comes to magical romantic moments, the average person has had about seven, although 14% of people have had only two.
  • But some folks are luckier, with 22% of people saying they’ve had over 10 romantic moments they would describe as magical.


  1. The kiss in the rain from The Notebook – 36%
  2. “I’m flying” moment from Titanic – 34%
  3. Mr. Darcy’s second proposal in Pride and Prejudice – 33%
  4. The upside-down kiss from Spider-Man – 32%
  5. The car scene from Titanic – 31%
  6. The “to me you are perfect” scene from Love Actually – 29%
  7. The lift from Dirty Dancing – 23%
  8. The New Year’s Eve monologue from When Harry Met Sally – 22%
  9. The Ikea date in (500) Days of Summer – 20%
  10. The Empire State scene from Sleepless in Seattle – 19%
  11. The pottery scene from Ghost – 18%
  12. The boombox serenade from Say Anything – 18%
  13. The plane song from The Wedding Singer – 17%
  14. The plane scene from Casablanca – 16%
  15. The plane proposal from Crazy, Rich Asians – 14%
  16. The tapes to jog Lucy’s memory in 50 First Dates – 10%


Charlie’s “movie magic” is more hot and steamy!  It’s a scene from ‘This Means War’ with Reese Witherspoon and it involves a kitchen counter!