Did You Know The Most Famous Door Knock Has A Name?

If you know, you know!

This isn’t new to many, but just for those who never thought about it and why would you? Here’s something you can tell your friends.

TikTok content creator @calumdilieto was watching Netflix when he found out that the well-known knock — the one with five taps, a pause and then a final two knocks — actually has an “official” moniker.

Calum, who has 21,000 followers and 448,700 likes, posted a video to his followers to share his revelation.  He made the already-known discovery when watching Netflix with the subtitles on.

@calumdilieto MIND BLOWN 🤯 #knockknock #mindblown #thingsididntknow #shaveandahaircut #shaveandahaircuttwobits #shaveandahaircutknock ♬ original sound – Calum Di Lieto

He shared his discovery after seeing the name on the subtitles, he has since researched the knock’s name.

The name, by the way, is ‘the shave and a haircut.’ If you ever watched ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit,’ then you know!