Always have the new baby smell!

Are you one of those people who sees a baby and has an irresistible urge to smell its HEAD?  (???)  Newborn baby smell is a genuine thing scientists have studied.  But this isn’t that . . .

Dior is now selling perfume for babies.  It’s called “Bonne Étoile,” or “Lucky Star” in French.  They say it has “tender and fruity notes.”  

If this sounds like something you’d only see in 2023, it isn’t.  It’s a relaunch of a baby perfume Dior originally sold way back in 1970.

They launched their “Baby Dior” fashion line in 1967 and started selling perfume for babies three years later.  It got discontinued after it didn’t sell well.  But maybe there’s a market for it now…

If you’ve got a fancy baby with expensive taste, get ready to pay up.  Each tiny bottle costs $230.  (!!!)

They’re also selling a $115 moisturizer for babies, a $95 cleansing foam, and a $95 cleansing water that’s supposed to leave your baby’s skin feeling “supple and velvety.”