Do These Simple Exercises To Improve Your Sex Life

You’ll be amazed by the difference

Want to have your world rocked? Start by moving your body. More exercise could help combat common bedroom problems, like low sex drive and erectile dysfunction, experts say.

Sex is just like any other workout!   And as with most any other workout, the more in shape you are, the better it will feel, say the experts. (Or should I say, experts)

All movement is good movement, but here are a few specific kinds that’ll hit the G-spot.

Here’s what to do!

Do cardio — then do it harder. Cardiovascular health and sexual health go hand in hand.  Our cardiovascular system powers two bodily functions that are essential to a good sex life.

Kegels for everyone! How healthy is your pelvic floor? The answer can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying sex — male or female…A kegel exercise is designed to mimic the effort required to hold in gas or pee…Holding it in, so to speak, will make your pelvic floor stronger.

A moment on the hips!  We sit too much nowadays — and that’s leaving our hip muscles tight and out of shape. This can lead to back pain and pelvic pain during sex…

Strengthen your core!  Strengthening the core can help with endurance during sex, helping you feel solid in your body.

Five Minutes of Yoga-Everyday!
Besides leaving you limber and with a stronger core, yoga’s deep breathing exercises are particularly useful for sex…