Do This Once A Day And You’ll Be Happier!

It's good for your metal health!

Having just one quality conversation with a bud per day could boost your well-being, according to a new study!

Scientists identified seven common types of communication: catching up, meaningful talk, joking around, showing care, listening, valuing others and their opinions, and offering sincere compliments.

In one study that the paper reviewed, more than 900 people were asked to engage in one of those forms of communication or behaviours in a single day.

The participants were then asked to self-report their feelings of things like stress, connection, anxiety, well-being and loneliness to determine their overall well-being.

The study found that those who engaged in any type of communication throughout their day reported higher qualities of well-being and happiness, especially increased feelings of connection and decreased stress, compared to those who ghosted their friends that day.

This study suggests that anyone who makes time for high-quality conversation can improve their well-being.

According to his Communicate Bond Belong theory, quality communication boosts a person’s well-being, as people use conversations with friends to help meet their intrinsic need to belong.