Most Women Would Rather Spend Lockdown With Their Bestie Than Their Romantic Partner!

“Sisters before Misters”

Would you rather ride out quarantine with your significant other or your best friend?  


According to a new survey, 56% of women said they would’ve preferred a friend to their partner.  The survey did not ask men the same question.


An overwhelming 89 percent of respondents say that their friendships with other women are important to them, calling them “essential.”


Of those polled, 47 percent believe that the pandemic has brought them closer to their best female friend. 


Another 45 percent communicate with their best friend more now than they used to before COVID-19.


It was also revealed that the typical woman has known her best female friend for an average of 12 years.


Things that only Besties can say to each other!


“I love you but you’re acting like a crazy person”

“Your breath smells awful. No, seriously! It smells like you pooped in your mouth.”

“You need to calm down”

“Can I tell you I haven’t showered in 12 days”

“You need to pull your Sh*t together”

“Your feet are gross, you need a pedicure”

“You farted, didn’t you?”

“You sound like your mother”

“If I were a guy, I’d date you”

“One more shot”

“Open the door, I’m outside with wine”

“My vagina hurts”