Do You Wish Your Pet Could Talk?

Maybe it's a good thing that pets don't talk!

This seems like the premise of a ’90s movie:  A very strange survey asked pet lovers to imagine that their animals could talk, and what the positives and negatives would be.

First off, people believe that, hypothetically, dogs would be most likely to start speaking to us.  And the biggest concern is that they’d gossip and reveal all our secrets, like how you don’t like your mother-in-law.

The next most popular concern is that your dog wouldn’t stop talking once it started.  And the third biggest worry is that the dog wouldn’t be politically correct, and would insult someone.   Also, people think dogs would be more likely to say something mean than cats.

The biggest benefits of having a talking pet would be:  They could explain their food preferences, they could let us know if something was wrong, and they could tell us if they’re feeling sick or tired.

More than half of respondents imagine their favourite pet would have a certain tone, accent or pattern of speaking.

On top of that, 49% worry they wouldn’t stop talking and 46% are concerned they’d insult someone.

And if pets did start speaking, 22% would record it and 17% would scream or panic, while 15% would simply speak back.