This Is How Many Pictures The Average Person Takes Of Their Pets!

It's a lot!

New research finds that a third of pet parents have more photos of their furry friends on their phones than of their kids or partner.

The survey found that only 27% had more pics of their kids than dogs and only 16% said they had more of their partner than pets.

On average, respondents take over 400 pictures of their pets every year.

The survey finds out what we already know, that pet parents love their animals.  We throw them parties and let them smooch us on the mouth.

One in six have even gotten a tattoo of their furry friend to keep them near to their hearts.

Half of the pet parents feel incomplete when their animals aren’t around them and almost 80% have taken their pet on vacation.

Pet owners agree that they’re so close to their pets that they keep their reactions in mind when making changes in their own life — decisions like moving, purchasing furniture or deciding if they should buy a home with a yard.

Nearly half of the respondents (45%) also said that their pet sleeps in the bed with them.