Millennials Love Pets More Than Siblings and Partners-Even Mom

Was there any doubt?

Dogs truly are a millennial’s best friend.


A recent study by Consumer Affairs surveyed 1,000 pet owners and found that 57 percent of participants aged 27 and 42 love their furry friends more than their siblings. An astonishing 50 percent admitted the same about their moms.


Boyfriends and girlfriends, please stand down: The study also found that millennials’ romantic partners come second to a pet for 30 percent of participants.


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“Previous studies have shown that millennials are less likely to own homes and have children than the generations before them,” the study reads. “Pets may have a lot to do with this.”


The generation would also rather have pets over human children. If their fuzzballs needed a life-saving treatment, the millennials said they could probably pull that together within a month.