The Top Mistakes Puppy Owners Make!

Puppies are like babies. They need constant attention and care!

These are the three most common mistakes people make with their puppies…

Choosing the wrong breed for their lifestyle

Training is all very well and good, but certain breeds have certain needs regardless of how they’re trained. So many people buy breeds and don’t fulfil their instincts, and this causes behavioural problems later down the line. For example, Huskies need to run and Labradors need to retrieve – it’s in their DNA.  You need to be able to dedicate time every day to meet those needs.


Not Enough Socialization

Put simply, your puppy needs to get out there and get used to other people and pets. Between eight and 16 weeks is a key developmental time for your puppy and as owners, it’s our job to show them all sorts of experiences, environments and people they may encounter in the future. Try to get out and about with your puppy as much as you can during this time to get them used to different sounds, smells and textures.


Letting Them Off the Lead

dogs need to get their energy out, but letting puppies off the lead can be a recipe for disaster. Keeping them tied to a long line is a good alternative. You can let it out and take it in as you need to, but it will ensure you have full control of where your pup goes and what it encounters, helping you to keep practising their recall technique in a much more safe environment.


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