Does Drinking More Water Make You Happier?

It sure does make you pee more!

New research says that we find happiness in the “little things” 57 times per week.

The survey of 2,000 general population people revealed that, on average, respondents find happiness in small things about eight times per day, adding up to just under 60 per week.

To improve their mood throughout the day — and give themselves something to smile about — respondents make an effort to stay hydrated, eat enough that they avoid getting “hangry” and take walks.

And it seems many aim to start their day off on the right foot, as results revealed that after reaching for their phone as soon as they wake up, 20% look for a glass of water.

Here are more stats from the survey:


  • I take water or a hydrating drink with me wherever I go — 39%
  • I drink water first thing in the morning — 39%
  • I have a goal for the amount of water or hydrating drinks that I want to drink throughout the day — 25%
  • I supplement drinking water with hydrating drinks or mixes — 23%
  • I limit my caffeine and/or alcohol intake — 20%
  • I have reminders set throughout the day to drink water — 14%


  • Make an effort to stay hydrated — 36%
  • Make sure I eat enough to not get “hangry” — 31%
  • Take walks — 30%
  • Get sunlight exposure — 26%
  • Take power naps — 22%
  • Engage in hobbies — 22%
  • Do a workout/workout class — 17%
  • Meditate/journal — 15%
  • Make a conscious effort to have social connections — 15%
  • Take frequent breaks from work — 14%