Dogs Are In Better Shape Than Their Owners, Says New Research!

Been working like a dog lately? Turns out you should have been working out like a dog instead.

According to a new poll of 2,000 dog owners, 45% believe their dog is in better shape than they are.


Meanwhile, one in five believe the opposite – that they’re in better shape than their dog.


Whoever is in better shape, almost half (44%) exercise with their dogs at least once a week on average. The poll also found that 70% believe outdoor activities are better when done with their four-legged friend.


Seven in 10 also said they’ve become physically healthier since getting a dog, and 68% even hated exercising before getting their dog.


Almost three-quarters of respondents (72%) agreed that having a dog gives them a chance to explore their surrounding natural areas more than they would have otherwise.


One-fifth of respondents said they enjoy hiking with their dogs, making it the second most popular outdoor activity behind trips to the beach.


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Dogs Also Make Us Eat Better!

About seven in ten also believe that paying attention to what their dog eats has led them to pay more attention to what they eat!

Another six in 10 said their meals are more enjoyable when their dog eats at the same time.

Even still, 63% find it harder to figure out their dog’s nutrition needs compared to their own.

But, 36% of respondents believe themselves and their dog are equal when it comes to who eats a more nutritionally balanced diet.



  • Happy – 47%
  • Strong – 41%
  • Energized – 36%
  • Confident – 34%
  • Successful – 32%



  • Walking – 35%
  • Camping – 34%
  • Road trips – 32%
  • Going to the beach – 32%
  • Playing frisbee – 31%