Don’t Wear This Colour To A Wedding!

OMG! Seriously!

We all know not to wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride.  But there’s another colour that you shouldn’t wear!

The Unfiltered Bride podcast discussed dress code etiquette during a recent episode, revealing why red is best avoided for wedding guests.

It’s an unwritten rule rather than an explicit expectation, but it’s worth noting! Wearing red means that you’ve slept with the groom.

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While it’s an old wives tale and may not be true… Those who know about this tale may assume that you had some fun with the groom at some point if you are wearing red.

While the likes of grandma and the flower girls can probably get away with the bold shade, if you’re not family or a child – and especially if there’s any history between you and the groom – it may look like you’re trying to make a statement.

The podcaster also says that the colour red is almost always associated with sex or naughtiness. 

Visually, red is a bold and flashy colour that will immediately draw attention to you, whether that be in person or in photographs; if guests surround you in neutrals and a bride in white, you may feel out of place with the tone of the wedding.