Doritos Pays Teen $20,000 For Puffy Chip She Found In Her Bag

What a payday!

Over the years, many people have taken to social media to share an odd-shaped chip they found in a package, but this time it really paid off!


Thirteen-year-old Rylee Stuart of Gold Coast, Australia is now $20,000 richer thanks to Doritos, and specifically a puffy chip.


Stuart posted a TikTok of the puffy chip, asking if she should eat it or try to sell it. Supposedly, after listing the chip on eBay, she had offers for the chip up to $100,000, though the auction site apparently took it down.


However, Doritos contacted Stuart and offered the teen $20,000 for the chip. They don’t want to investigate it or anything, because they’ve already created Doritos 3D, which is essentially the exact same thing as what Stuart found.



Apparently, Doritos just wants to use the puffy chip for “marketing purposes,” and that’s evidently worth $20,000. For a product, they’ve already created.