Doritos vs. Cheetos: Chip brands announce battle to determine the hottest chip

Who’s The Hottest!

When it comes to spicy foods, people are always out to prove just how much of it the heat they can handle.


For most, the spicier the better, which is why two snack giants have started a competition to determine who sells the hottest chip.


Doritos and Cheetos recently announced a new contest, asking fans to vote on which brand has the spiciest chip.


For the contest, Doritos will release a new flavor entitled Xxtra Flamin’ Hot Nacho, while Cheetos is bringing back their popular Flamin’ Hot Spicy Pepper Puffs.

Fans can vote on Twitter or Instagram by including either “Team Cheetos” or “Team Doritos” in their post.

Both snack chips are owned by Frito-Lay, who will be holding giveaways every Thursday until July 7 to promote the competition.