Double-Decker Airplane Seats Could Be A New Option!

Hopefully, this idea doesn’t fly!

Delays cancelled flights and being stuck in the middle seat may no longer be people’s biggest air travel concerns.

A new possibility awaits with the possibility of double-decker-style airplane seats for in coach. Just like the bus, one row is above another with the top-level reached by stairs.

The prototype at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, showcases a lack of overhead luggage storage in favour of an area in between the two rows.

This leaves those on the top row with only 4.92 feet of space between the seats and the top of the plane, which means passengers won’t be able to stand up to get out.

The designer argues that coach passengers already have to crouch with the seats currently the way they are – so what difference does it make?

Those seated on the bottom row do have the ability to stretch out their legs because there aren’t seats directly in front of them; however, the issue with this row is that it could make some travellers feel more claustrophobic than a middle seat does now.

What Could Go Wrong?

Some Reddit users are horrified by this idea, as one commented, “break both of your knees at the same time when you hit turbulence!”

“It used to be that you would just die, with this you die while being crushed,” another Reddit user wrote. “Another comment mentioned being farted on, so die while being crushed and farted on. Imagine not dying at first, you have to smell it, your last smell. There are worse ways to die, but there are better ways too.”