Dressing Up For Dinner Gets You Better Service!

Nice Shirt, Nice service!

How you’re dressed when you decide to eat out for dinner may influence the level of service you get at a restaurant. Research shows that servers predict whether or not their guests will leave big tips simply based on their attire.

Scientists at the University of Missouri concluded that restaurant staff often believe that the most well-dressed diners will leave the best tips. Under that notion, servers ramp up their hospitality for those customers.

The researcher found that those who dress more casually were thought to be poor tippers.

They also discovered that servers viewed well-dressed men as more likely to leave good tips than their female counterparts. Casually-dressed men faced more scrutiny — they were viewed as the least likely of any group to leave good tips for the server.

The research found The more professionally dressed a customer is, the more likely a server is to stereotype them as a good tipper, regardless of their race or gender.

The study is published in the journal Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.