5 Things You Should Never Do At Restaurants According to a Server

Are you guilt of any of these things?

According to servers, there are some golden rules as a customer that we should follow. In case it’s been a while since you’ve eaten food in public, here are the rules.

Rearrange the tables to suit your needs.
Customers are not at a restaurant to treat the layout as their own personal Tetris game. Don’t mess with the tables.

Handle a menu without washing your hands immediately afterwards.
Menus are mouthwatering gateways to the food you are about to eat, but they’re also yucky. “I would never use a physical menu without washing my hands immediately because those things are like Petri dishes,” says one server.

Sending Food back!
Send food back because it wasn’t what you expected-common! It’s fine to send back food if it’s improperly cooked or the wrong dish entirely, but don’t send it back just because you don’t like it. (Example- I didn’t know that there was cheese on it)

Stiff a Server!
Poor service equals a lousy tip or no tip at all. Or maybe you’re just plain cheap. Whatever the reason, don’t do it.  You’re not just tipping that server, you’re tipping the busser, food runner and kitchen staff…

Don’t Leave Unsanitary Items On The Table
If you blow your nose, take the tissue with you. If you change your baby, throw the diaper into the garbage.