Drinking Three Cups Of Coffee A Day ‘Could Add Years To Your Life’

Shut up and give me a cup!

A new study says that drinking three cups of coffee a day adds years to your life!


Those who enjoy a regular cup of coffee are up to 15 percent less likely to get heart disease or die young. Scientists say that antioxidants in the beans improve health by boosting metabolism, reducing swelling and cutting fat build-up.


This means even decaf is good for your heart – and people with other vices like junk food and smoking still get benefits.

Three studies used data from 382,000 people in the UK to track health and coffee habits for up to 10 years. They found that people drinking between two and three brews per day saw the best health benefit from the coffee.


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But the lowest total risk of cardiac arrest or stroke was in people who drank only one cup on average.