Drivers Touch, Rub and Scratch Their Faces Nearly 30 times an Hour!

Hands On Ten and Two!

The average driver touches their face an astounding 26 times an hour while out for a cruise, according to researchers from the University of Nottingham. 



If the driver in question isn’t practicing proper hand hygiene, all those picks, rubs, and scratches can spread tons of germs and infections, study authors caution.



The findings show that the average driver absent-mindedly touches their face 26.4 times per hour, with each touch lasting about four seconds every time. Drivers most often touched somewhere on their face the most, followed by their hair, neck, and shoulders.



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Close to half the time drivers actually made contact with mucous membranes roughly every five minutes. The inner lining of the lips, nostrils, and eyes are all examples of mucous membranes. 




For what it’s worth, these observations and face-touching rates held up across genders and ages. Man or woman, young or old, people can’t help but touch their face while driving.