Things We Don’t Like About Driving!

Just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we like to!

A new study of 2000 people found that the most common things we don’t like about driving include having to change lanes, reversing out of a parking space, and driving on dark country roads.


The research also revealed 24 percent of drivers feel less confident now than they did before the pandemic as a result of driving less over the last 18 months, with 16 percent going as far as to say they have forgotten how to drive.


Top 10 things drivers feel most uncomfortable doing:

1.           Driving in snowy conditions

2.           Driving in a new town or city

3.           Roads where there are lots of lanes and you need to be in the right one

4.           Driving in the dark

5.           Driving in wet and rainy conditions

6.           Lorries

7.           Overtaking cyclists

8.           Areas where there is lots of traffic

9.           Motorways

10.         Parallel parking


Other things we don’t like about driving include reverse parking, driving in areas with lots of kids, country roads, and the roundabout.