Dude, Where’s my Car!

Just like the Seinfeld episode!

The parents of a young man from Syracuse, New York, are offering a $100 reward for anyone who will scour Toronto’s parking garages to find their son’s blue-green Nissan Versa sedan. 19-year old Gavin Strickland attended the Metallica concert Sunday night at the Rogers Centre and remembers the garage was within an $8 cab ride of the stadium. Reward details and a picture of the car are on Craig’s list


Gavins says he remembers a nearby Starbucks, some construction, a “strange spiral outdoor sculpture”, and a bank, possibly an RBC as potential landmarks that could identify where he parked.  The car has Florida licence plates, a small Canadian flag attached to the doorframe and a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.


In the meantime, Gavin doesn’t seem too broken up about the missing car. He was apparently at Korn concert in Syracuse on Wednesday night. His parents say he took an Uber to get there.