Eating 1 Hot Dog Takes 35 Minutes Off Your Life!

It’s Totally Worth it!

Researchers released a nutritional guideline to help people achieve a healthier and more environmentally stable diet.


The index ranked foods by minutes gained or lost of healthy life per serving.


The foods most likely to take time off your life include processed meats and surgery drinks!


The foods studied ranged from 74 minutes lost to 80 minutes gained per serving. Sugary drinks, hot dogs, burgers, and breakfast sandwiches were linked with most minutes of healthy life lost, whereas fruits, non-starchy and mixed vegetables, ready-to-eat cereals, and cooked grains were associated with the largest gains.


More specifically, researchers say that eating one 85-gram ( about four wings) serving of chicken wings takes 3.3 minutes off your life.


Eating a hot dog with a bun results in some 36 minutes lost.


On the flip side, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were associated with an increase of 33 minutes to your life.


The researchers also say that if you eat foods like salted peanuts, baked salmon, rice and beans can add 10 to 15 minutes to your life!


Researchers also say that if we swap processed meats for fruits, veggies, nuts, and certain seafood could up your life by 48%.