‘Embarrassing’ List of Goals Found On Lost Phone

At least this person has goals!

A snowboarder or skier lost their phone on the hill at a resort in Australia.  A fellow visitor to Perisher Ski Report found the phone on their way down the hill and snapped a photo to inform the owner their device had been handed into the lost and found. However, the phone’s wallpaper was ever so slightly revealing.

The wallpaper had that person’s life goals for all to see. 

Eight goals were typed out and used as the device’s front screen, with aspirations like “get jacked and be 87kgs” and “have 3 girls on the roster” noted in the list, as well as “don’t get a haircut for 3 months”.

“Good luck with your goals,” the phone’s finder wrote online.

Images of the phone and the goal list were published on Facebook and have since gone viral, with many feeling “embarrassed” for the unknown owner, while others joked the goals were relatable.

The list of goals!

Get jacked and be 87kgs
Quit all nicotine
Have 25 000$ in bank account
Have motorbike
Getting better at fighting
Get good marks at uni
Have 3 girls on roster
Don’t get haircut for 3 months…