Lifestyle Changes We Never Follow Through With

The average person gives up on positive lifestyle changes after 7 weeks!

When we change our lifestyle for the better, with exercise regimes, cutting alcohol out and eating less meat, typically this doesn’t last long. According to a recent survey, most will epically fail within two months.

The poll of 2,000 adults reveals people stick to a new habit for an average of just seven weeks before giving it up, while 21 percent only keep at it for a month.

More than half (53 percent) of respondents admit they’ve tried to make positive changes to their habits in the past year, but failed to keep them up.

Results show that exercising more often, going to bed earlier, and hitting 10,000 steps daily were the top three habits people tried to adopt. Other common lifestyle changes include eating less meat and more salad, turning the lights off when not in the room, drinking less alcohol, and having more “me” time.

It also emerged that 54 percent have vowed to only make little changes to their lifestyle moving forward, with 72 percent believing small goals are more achievable and realistic than more significant shifts. The study also finds that 67 percent of adults are more likely to fail at sticking to a lifestyle change if they attempt too many at once.

Lifestyle Changes/Habits That People Most Often Try, But Fail At

1. Exercising more often
2. Going to bed earlier
3. Hitting 10,000 steps each day
4. Reducing my sugar intake
5. Going on my phone less
6. Give up or cut back on my alcohol intake
7. Eat more salad
8. Reading more
9. Recycling my trash
10. Having more “me time”
11. Meal planning for the week ahead
12. Eating less meat
13. Cycling or walking over driving
14. Taking quicker showers
15. Reducing the number of takeout orders
16. Keeping houseplants alive
17. Shopping in BYO stores (e.g. fill up your own bottle of milk)
18. Buying loose food rather than packaged (e.g. bananas without a plastic wrapper)
19. Changing to a reusable razor rather than disposable
20. Meditating