Fake Belly Button Trend

Would you add a FAKE belly button to your body to make your legs look longer??!!

This sounds like something guys would do…

Belly button stickers are all the rage in China these days, as a growing number of women are reportedly using them as a way of making their legs appear longer.

Young women are paying $0.70 to $1.40 for sheets of temporary tattoos designed to look like belly buttons. 

The stickers are usually placed a few centimetres above the real navel, which is then concealed with skirts or pants, to make the torso seem shorter and the legs, longer. 

It sounds pretty dumb, but belly button sticker manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand, and social media platforms are being flooded with video tutorials on how to use the temporary tattoos and clips showing their effects on the wearer.

The fact that these fake navels are considered more visually pleasing than natural ones is another explanation for their popularity. 

Some people consider belly buttons that are round, fat, or protruding outwards are not pretty enough, so they prefer to conceal them and keep the stickers on display.