This TikTok Trend Transforms Moms!

Apparently age ain't nothing but a number when it comes to not only fashion, but looking GOOD! All thanks to this TikTok trend.

TikTok trends can either be amazing… or deadly.

This latest trend, might be helping to prove that being attractive is all down to your clothes!

It’s super simple, daughters show their mom in their typical clothing… THEN?

They dress up their mom as they (the daughter) usually dress!

Needless to say, many jaws were dropped on the internet.

(fingers crossed this isn’t on the weird side of the web)

This also has proved that fashion, and looking good has NO age behind it:

For many the TikTok trend represents the idea that women no longer haver to “dress ” their age, because some of these moms are KILLING IT:


trend on my mom’s 50th birthday #dress #AEHolidayCard

♬ original sound – evie

The trend has so far (as of writing this article) amassed 500 million views. WILD.

My favourite thing? Even sons and fathers are doing it: