Dentists Are The Latest Profession to Issue A Warning To Avoid Trying Trendy TikTok Hack for Teeth Whitening

Creators behind viral teeth whitening and straightening tricks could be putting viewers in danger by promoting harmful treatments.

Among the worst offenders was a woman who filmed herself filing down her teeth using a nail file and promoted the tactic as a cheap way to get a straight smile.

Other problematic “hacks” saw millions of TikTok users exposed to highly dangerous teeth whitening methods involving using household cleaners as teeth scrub. (DO NOT ATTEMPT)

One video promoted the use of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which is advertised as a product to remove tough stains from walls, furniture and floors.  Dental experts say- STOP IT!

The Magic Eraser wears down a stained layer of enamel with a highly abrasive surface, and while this may cause teeth to appear initially whiter in a short TikTok video, the long-term consequences of wearing down enamel can result in discoloured, sensitive and in rare cases, cracked or chipped teeth.

Another dangerous method was using hydrogen peroxide directly on teeth which posed “irreversible risks to the health of your teeth.”

Other TikTok users were promoting the use of raw charcoal as a teeth whitening tool, showing off huge differences in before and after footage. This can cause your teeth to appear more yellow permanently.

One TikTok user with 33.3 million followers purchased a braces kit online and assembled it himself at home for a video that has since been viewed close to 10 million times.

Dentists warn, using toxic substances and attempting to administer your braces may also lead to serious health consequences such as severe poisoning and tooth loss.