Famous Women Who Were Unfairly ‘Canceled’ Years Ago

Some famous women who were unfairly CANCELED years ago are…

Since last Sunday, Meghan Markle has been praised but also attacked for speaking her truth on the Royal Family.


Everyone talks about “cancel culture” these days, but it’s been around for YEARS . . . especially when it comes to women.  Buzzfeed.com put together a list of women who they say were canceled in the past for reasons that are “pretty sexist.”


The top ones they include are:


1.  The Chicks . . . They were shunned for speaking out against President George W. Bush.

2.  Janet Jackson . . . The fallout from the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” has been more damaging to her career than Justin Timberlake’s.  He’s even performed at another Super Bowl since.

3.  Sinead O’Connor . . . Her career was derailed after she tore up a photo of the pope during her “Saturday Night Live” performance in 1992 to bring awareness to the child sexual abuse happening behind closed doors in the Catholic Church.

4.  Vanessa Williams . . . She was the first Black woman to become Miss America, but she had to give up the crown after “Penthouse” published nude photos that she’d posed for years before. She said the photographer promised her she wouldn’t be identifiable in the photos, and that they’d never be publicly released.

5.  Monica Lewinsky . . . She was shamed and humiliated into hiding after her affair with Bill Clinton came to light in 1998.  Bill survived his impeachment trial and walked out of the situation relatively unscathed.

6. Rebecca Black . . . As a 13-year-old girl, she recorded “Friday”, a song targeted at teenagers. And then ADULTS bullied her endlessly over it. She was taunted about her appearance, her voice, and was even told she should kill herself.

7.  Winona Ryder . . . Winona was arrested for shoplifting in 2001 and became a punchline.  But Winona says that she was dealing with mental illness at the time and was taking excessive painkillers as prescribed by a doctor. The doctor has since lost his license.  In recent years, Winona has been able to begin rebuilding her career . . . largely thanks to her role in “Stranger Things”.