Fancy Feast Is Opening A Pop-Up Restaurant For Humans!

Cat food not included!

The brand Fancy Feast is opening a pop-up restaurant in New York next week, where all the food is based on their Cat Food flavours.

It’s called Gatto Bianco, which means “White Cat” in Italian.  They got a Michelin Star chef to come up with dishes for humans based on Fancy Feast recipes.  But only 16 people will get to eat there over two days.

It’s just a gimmick, and the food doesn’t look like cat food at all.  The main courses include salmon with saffron risotto, baked sea bass with capers and olives, and braised beef with spinach and polenta.

Also, we’re pretty sure a few of the ingredients in the desserts would be TOXIC for cats:  Lemon panna cotta, espresso ice cream, and chocolate-covered almond cake.  (Cats can’t have lemon, coffee, or chocolate.)

To snag a spot, you have to visit their page on this Thursday at noon Eastern.

(Fancy Feast also put out a digital cookbook last year that you can download for free.)