Ferrari Blacklists Justin Bieber For Blue Paint Job!

What have you done!

Justin Bieber has been blacklisted by Ferrari for changing his car’s colour to neon blue.


When you buy a Ferrari, there are rules you must follow and JB broke one of the golden rules- don’t mess with the colour.


Justin violated the Italian carmaker’s code of conduct with the paint job on his white Ferrari 458 Italia as the car company has a strict rule to make sure the prestige of Ferrari is maintained.


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According to luxury Justin also added ugly-looking flared fenders and aftermarket rims


Ferrari has rules that dictate that an owner cannot sell their car in the first year and that they inform the company beforehand so it has the option of buying it back. Unauthorized modifications are also frowned upon.


Justin isn’t the only celebrity to be put on Ferrari’s naughty list.  50 Cent, Nicholas Cage and Kim Kardashian have all found themselves in hot water with the Prancing Horse.



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