Five Signs That Suggest You May Need Marriage Counselling

Has the stress of this year, and the pandemic in general, changed things within your marriage?

Are you fighting more with your partner, feeling jealous or perhaps just not on the same page anymore?


Or maybe end-of-year fatigue has set in and has got you thinking about the things that need to change within your marriage for 2022?


If you’re unsure how to fix things yourself, it could be time to seek help in the form of marriage counselling.

Here are signs you might need Marriage Counselling!


The conversation between the two of you is difficult or strained

You are no longer interested in the same things

You no longer have an intimate relationship

You prefer to go out with your friends rather than your partner

You find an excuse to stay away from the house or avoid your partner while in the house.



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Does marriage counselling work? 


If you’re wondering whether marriage counselling can really make things better, previous research seems to show that it can have a real positive impact.

A 2017 study looked at couples therapy in a group of veterans and found it to be generally effective, with improved relationships even 18 months after treatment.


Another study from 2017 also found improvements lasting 24 months after treatment.


Please note that you may need to be patient as with no surprise, the demand for therapy is very high right now.