Florida Mom Is Suing Her Son’s Elementary School For Banning Her From its Grounds Because she has an ONLYFANS Page

Does it matter?

A Florida mother has filed a lawsuit against her sons’ school board after they outed her presence on OnlyFans and banned her from school grounds and field trips.

Victoria Triece, 31, can support her two children through the adult website and claims she did it so that she could have the ability to be in her child’s life without being hampered by a nine-five job. 

Triece – who has nearly 150,000 Instagram followers, 272,000 TikTok followers and 32,000 on Twitter – has sued them for violating her rights of free speech, free assembly and her right to privacy.

She alleges an Orange County school board member disseminated photos from the account to staff at the school.

Sand Lake Elementary School banned her from volunteering after she’d spent five years and passed all other background checks.

Photos and videos of Triece show her in underwear and embracing another scantily-clad woman on a bed, although she insists she never behaved inappropriately while working at the school.

The sex worker had assisted in organizing class parties and helped with lab assignments for her older son’s class, something she said she wanted to do ever since she became a mother, and is outraged by the ban, having wanted to emulate her mother doing the same for her as a child.