FOR SALE: People Can’t Believe What’s Inside This Brantford Home

This could scar you for life...

“Stephen King’s It” is coming to theatres in September and they could have easily filmed scenes inside this home.

A house in Brantford has gone viral from its listing on MLS and we are all shocked at what’s inside!

At first glance, it’s a cute little brick house that has clearly been cared for.

But inside…

I moved in 2014 and the first thing you do is stage your place to best display what it has to offer.

That means getting rid of every bit of clutter.

Maybe even adding a fresh coat of paint.

And removing at least some photos and decorations.

How are these photos appealing to a potential buyer?

A better question is, how do people actually sleep in this place??

My wife wouldn’t make it past the living room.