Forcing Mindless Fun Can Be Bad For Workers!

No one likes forced fun!

Forcing workers to be happy with mindless fun can work against employers, experts say!

According to experts, forcing fun activities such as improv workshops, scavenger hunts, escape rooms or after-hour drinks will not boost employee engagement if they are mandated by human resources.

Every employer wants their employees to be happy at work, however, shoving trivia games and compulsory fun activities and exercises down their throats is not the way to do it.

There’s a doctor, Dr. Brown who is the founder of the National Institute of Play, that has identified eight play personalities.

Some include; the Collector being thrilled by gathering objects or experiences; the Joker’s play will centre on tomfoolery; the Competitor’s sense of euphoria comes from playing to win and seeing how their score compares to others.

According to experts, most forced fun focuses on the ‘competitive play personality.”

A ‘fun’ checklist

Leaders who want to incorporate regular team-building exercises should start the process with an anonymous survey to assess interest in social events and ask pertinent questions on what days and times work best for the team