Forget FOMO!  This Year Embrace JOMO!

For 2024, FOMO is out — and JOMO is in.

It’s time to let go of the “fear of missing out,” and embrace the “joys of missing out.”

Many people are all too familiar with the feeling of FOMO, worrying that all your friends are having fun without you — at dinner, a night out together or with tickets to the hottest concert in town.

The idea of FOMO has existed since long before social media, but now we’re able to witness highlights of people’s lives in the palms of our hands, often in real-time, which can lead to the immediate feeling of being left out and lonely.

But missing out doesn’t have to trigger negative emotions — it can be something to be happy about. 

Reframing the idea of FOMO into feelings of JOMO allows you to be selective about what you want to do without worrying about everyone else.

“JOMO reminds us that we can not only not fear that we are missing something important, but enjoy missing something.” 

However, JOMO isn’t about sitting at home with no social life. The phenomenon allows people to choose when to step back without the distraction of wondering if everyone’s having fun without them.

Aside from the implied delight, JOMO has its mental benefits, too, such as increasing productivity and focus, increasing engagement in relationships, and improving emotional and physical well-being, according to Cleveland Clinic.

Despite its flaws, social media allows people to connect, which is good for our mental health.

Embracing missing out isn’t about cutting out the connections or self-isolating, Rather, it’s about disconnecting intentionally and giving yourself time to recharge.