Trick or Treat!

Is Halloween at WORK this year?  Some companies encourage it, some don’t.  Just keep it classy and don’t get yourself fired.  Here are four Halloween rules for work, according to etiquette experts . . .

1.  Avoid costumes that might be offensive.  The standard is higher at work, so don’t take any chances.  Steer clear of these four things for sure:  Religion, politics, cultural stereotypes, and anything that shows too much skin.

2.  Don’t be unprofessional.  Meaning don’t go too nuts.  Halloween is a holiday where we tend to cut loose a little.  Just don’t do anything you’ll regret.  You might seem like you don’t have great judgement or self-control.

3.  Decorate with taste.  Things like fake spider webs on your desk are fine if your company is okay with it.  Just be careful about too much blood and gore, or anything that might annoy people.  Like a decoration that plays a spooky sound effect every time someone walks past your desk.

4.  Don’t let your candy bowl get the whole office sick.  Individually wrapped stuff is best in general.  You don’t want 20 people reaching their dirty hands into a loose bowl of candy corn.