French Fry Perfume Is Now Available!

Just in case you want to smell like a bag of grease!

Pulling up to a drive-thru, ordering fries and opening the bag to smell those freshly deep-fried potatoes is the best! And now you can smell like that! had put that delicious scent in a bottle of perfume for a limited time only! just launched a fragrance called, “Frites by Idaho.” It’s described on its website as a “fragrance that embodies the irresistible essence of potatoes from Idaho; about the same price as a large order of fries.”


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According to the president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, the fragrance contains some distilled potatoes in it and some essential oils in it, just in time for Valentine’s Day and February also happens to be Potato Lovers Month.



The 1.7 fl oz perfume bottle is decorated in gold and has a bedazzled lid, with a yellow/brown perfume liquid inside. The cost of the perfume is probably one of the cheapest you’ll see: $1.89.

The cost of shipping, however, can vary depending on where you live and could cost up to $10. Due to the high demand for the perfume potato products, shipping may be delayed 4-6 weeks, according to its website.



In the end, the Idaho Potato Commission has smelled success with the perfume.