Fun Scientific Facts About Your Natural Hair Colour!

Yesterday, May 26th Was National Redhead Day….


  • Less than 2% of the world’s popular has red hair
  • Redheads are more sensitive to pain
  • Many redheads tend to be left-handed
  • Redheads tend to have less body hair, but much thicker strands on their head.
  • Redheads are less likely to go grey
  • Despite plenty debate about this- redheads are not likely to go extinct.

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  • Being naturally bloody is pretty rare…Just like redheads, only 2% in the world are natural blondes. 
  • Blonde hair comes from a teeny-tiny genetic mutation
  • Blondes aren’t blondes forever…Many kids born blonde go dark before their 20th birthday.
  • Blonde hair and blue eyes is just a stereotype! 
  • There are 50 shades of gray … and 30 shades of blonde.

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  • Brunettes will have a harder time quitting smoking!  The Brunette hair comes from Eumelanin, which is a type of pigment.  How much Eumelanin you have in your family DNA will determine how dark your hair is.
  • With that, the more Eumelanin brunettes naturally have prevents their liver from metabolizing (or breaking down) nicotine in a timely manner.
  • Men find brunettes more attractive and smarter than those with other hair colours.  There was a study done back in 2011 that proves these findings.
  • Brunettes are more likely to suffer hair loss.
  • Tattoos go better with brown hair.  A study found that people are more accepting of tats on Brunettes.

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