The OG GAP Hoodie Is Back!

A wardrobe staple of the 90s and 00s is back.

The Gap hoodie is making a triumphant return to mainstream fashion after a lengthy hiatus and it’s all thanks to TikTok!




Along with tramp stamps, low-rise jeans and skinny brows, the Gap logo hoodie is the latest in a long line of unlikely Y2K comeback trends.




We can thank TikTok for the revival, where posts tagged with #gaphoodies have now racked up 8.3 Million views.  Also, celebrities like Katie Holmes have been photographed sporting the OG Gap Hoodie!

This is great for the retailer as last year the pandemic was forcing GAP to close down many stores across North America!



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Almost two decades since its heyday, Gap is now growing in popularity amongst younger generations – and the brand has even signed a 10-year-long deal with Kanye West for a Yeezy-Gap apparel line.


So, if you have an old Gap logo hoodie lying around, it’s time to bust it out!  Or you could sell it as people are willing to pay quadruple their retail value.




The website does have hoodies for sale for about $60, but they are not the same as the ones from the late 90s and early 2000s.