Garfield Set To Have Same Voice As Mario: Chris Pratt!

Chris Pratt will lend his voice to two famous characters!

While one character has a thick Italian accent and the other a cranky, sarcastic monotone-Pratt is up for the challenge!



Pratt will voice the lasagna loving Garfield in a new animated movie.  This news comes after last month’s announcement that Pratt would be voicing Mario in the upcoming “Super Mario Bro.” Film.

“Garfield” is set for worldwide release everywhere but China by Sony Pictures. “Finding Nemo” writer and Oscar nominee David Reynolds will write the script, and Mark Dindal of “Chicken Little” will direct. The pair have worked together before on the animated 2000 film “The Emperor’s New Groove.”



After the announcement that Pratt would voice Mario, many on social spoke out against the casting!   “Danny Devito should’ve been Mario not Chris Pratt, we were robbed,” lamented one critic.



“Chris Pratt playing Mario is Italiaphobia and I’m tired of acting like it isn’t,” bemoaned another incensed social media watchdog.