Gen Z Work Slang That Annoy Their Colleagues The Most

Slaying the Jargon!

This generation already cancelled LOL and the thumbs-up emoji and now we have to listen to their jargon too?

Preply surveyed over 1,000 Canadian employees to unveil their feelings on corporate lingo, as well as the most used workplace expressions. 

The survey found that 88% of Canadians use corporate jargon expressions or buzzwords at work…

On average, Canadians use corporate buzzwords six times a day

“Touch base” is the most common jargon phrase in Canada, whilst “ping you” is deemed most annoying.

“G.O.A.T.” is the term most over-used by Gen Z at work, followed by “slay”.

The most annoying phrases used by Gen Z including the above are, Sus, FR (for real), Vibing, Flex, Glow-up, Bet, Period and basic…

There is one phrases that has carried over from generation to generation they everyone agrees needs to go and that is “piggybacking.”

The most used workplace jargon

Despite only 22% of Canadian employees saying that using corporate jargon helps them understand what the person is trying to convey, 88% admitted to using jargon or buzzwords at work. The most used workplace slang, according to our survey, is as follows:

  1. Touch base
  2. At the end of the day
  3. Win-win
  4. Circle back
  5. Bottom line
  6. It is what it is
  7. Sus
  8. Bet
  9. Hit the ground running
  10. 10.Keep me in the loop