Gen Zs Are Ditching The Boxy Board Swim Shorts For Speedos!

Perhaps they are seeking attention? They can’t be more comfortable!

Not too long ago we told you about JUNX.  This is a new line of men’s swimwear that has holders built-in for all your stuff.  (You’re other stuff, LOL)


Here’s an update!

Despite the tight Speedo-style swimmers usually only seen as an option for Olympic divers or a 1980s throwback look, a third (34 percent) of men aged 18-30 proudly ‘smuggle the budgie’, more than any other age group. Men aged 41-50 typically don’t wear this type of swimwear! 



This new trend may have something to do with the Olympics after we all saw how good the swimmers and divers looked.



The poll of 2000 men was commissioned by hotel booking site hoo (, which has created a cheeky line of limited-edition swimmers.



Junx is lightweight neon swimming trunks that provide a one-stop storage solution for everything you need on the beach this summer.

After a record-breaking first release that saw the latest in swimwear technology JUNX sell out in just 48 hours, they will be on sale once again for a limited time only to the public.


Here’s how to buy them!