Grade 12 B.C. Student opens Free Block Buster On His Front Lawn…

A+ For This Kid!

A Community Film Library!  Coolest Kid Ever!

There is only one Blockbuster store left in the world, but there are still millions of DVDs in people’s basements!

Thanks to a teenager, you can get nostalgic! 

Matthew Reed, a 12th-grade student, started a “Free Blockbuster” in his Walnut Grove neighbourhood in the township of Langley, about 45 kilometres east of Vancouver, as part of a school project.

“It’s like walking into a real Blockbuster store, but it’s curbside and it’s free,” Reed said.

Let’s be real!  Streaming is fun and all, but there’s nothing better than picking out a DVD at Blockbuster. 

Reed’s Free Blockbuster store is a metal cabinet painted blue and decorated with decals, stocked with over a hundred DVDs and VHS tapes, microwavable popcorn, and free membership cards.

Reed’s project is part of the movement, which started in the US and has since spread to Canada, with two branches in Alberta and now one in BC…

At a time when many feel they have to pay for multiple subscription services to watch a handful of movies, the Free Blockbuster movement aims to provide free entertainment. All you need is a DVD player or VCR!

The films from Reed’s Free Blockbuster can be rented for free, there are no time limits. The concept is similar to Little Free Libraries, where people can take or leave as many books as they want.