Grocery shopping while hungry leads to $26 in extra food purchases

But everything looks so good!

It’s probably a good idea to eat before you head off to the supermarket for a food run. 

New research shows that grocery shopping on an empty stomach can lead to some serious overspending. The average person will fork out an extra $26 per trip when they’re hungry!

The poll of 2,000 adults found that most people make two grocery runs per week, with a budget of $162. But here’s the thing – more than three-quarters of respondents (76%) admitted they’re more likely to blow their budget if they shop while hungry. 

And six in ten said they’re also likely to forget about their health goals when their stomach is rumbling.

So, how much extra are we talking about? Well, 62% of people said they typically spend up to 20% more than they’d planned. Only a fifth (20%) reported that they never overspend on groceries.

On average, people need to visit two stores each week to find everything they need, and a typical grocery run takes 39 minutes. Most people are shopping to feed two (or more), while 30% are just shopping for themselves.