Hacks That People Have Tried To Stop Snoring!

Make it stop!

The top hacks to beat snoring include using extra pillows, drinking water before bed – and putting a tennis ball in your pyjamas to stop you from lying on your back.

A study of 2,000 adults found 56 percent either snore or have a partner who does, with 54 percent of those resorting to a host of tricks to try and silence the noise.

Nasal strips, dilators or spray, a hot shower before bed and even sleeping sitting up are also featured on the list.

But while some avoid alcohol before bed or even at all, one in twenty swears by a nightcap before nodding off to stop snoring.

Others have resorted to taping their mouth, putting a peg on their nose or sleeping with their head at the end of the bed.

The study also found 44 percent of those who snore or live with a snorer are so fed up with the noise, they would do anything to stop it.


  1. Using extra pillows
  2. Drinking more water
  3. Nasal strips/ dilator
  4. Nasal spray before bed
  5. Avoiding alcohol before bed
  6. Avoiding alcohol completely (i.e. not just before bed)
  7. Rubbing decongestant onto your chest before bed
  8. Hot shower or bath before bed
  9. Sleeping sitting up
  10. Sleeping the other way round e.g. head at the end of the bed
  11. Buying anti-snore pillows
  12. Using a mouthguard
  13. Saline rinses/ sprays
  14. Exercise before bed
  15. Eating mints before bed
  16. Sipping warm honey and lemon before bed
  17. Throat exercises
  18. Snoring exercises
  19. Wearing an eye mask
  20. Drinking alcohol before bed
  21. Having a humidifier on
  22. Buy a snoring ring that’s meant to stop you from snoring
  23. Rubbing Vaseline or similar on the tip of your nose
  24. Put a tennis ball in your PJs to stop you from lying on your back
  25. Taping your mouth
  26. Putting a peg on your nose
  27. Humming/ singing
  28. Acupuncture
  29. Wearing compression socks
  30. Thyme oil on your feet