Half Of Men Feel Pressure To Act Manly!

According to new research, half of men feel pressured to be “manly.”

For nearly half, this pressure comes from expectations like knowing how to be “handy” around the house, while others feel forced to act a certain way in front of others or have a specific body type.

This may be holding men back from being their true selves, as 29% admitted they wish to embrace their feminine side more.

The survey found that these moments of self-doubt add up, with the average man experiencing insecurity over 900 times throughout the year.

Many feel particularly misunderstood when it comes to romantic relationships (31%), their sense of humour (29%) and their financial knowledge (28%).

Twenty-eight percent also feel misunderstood by others regarding their sexual needs (28%).

In the bedroom, 39% feel pressured to be “manly” during sexual interactions, implying that they need to be dominant or in control and have a certain amount of physical strength…

Nearly two-thirds of men agree that part of “being a man” means that there are some off-limits topics to discuss with anyone.

According to respondents, the topics that hold the greatest stigma in society for men are emotional sensitivities, sex lives and mental health.

Consequently, 54% believe that their friendships with other men lack depth as they often struggle with talking about their feelings and sex lives.

But men are ready to retire these stigmas — some of the topics that they wish weren’t considered “weird” to talk about with other men are their emotions, mental health and sex lives.