Men are Paying Thousands of Dollars To Get Nipples Like David Beckham…

Beck’s Pecs are hot!

David Beckham has long been the envy of men for his great looks, chiselled physique and outstanding soccer skills…

But, according to, the feature that men have been seeking to replicate through plastic surgery is his nipples.  

Beckham’s nipples are considered “ideal” by experts because of their small, almond shape and symmetry. The trend towards getting smaller nipples is due to wearing tighter-fitting shirts, which accentuate the nipples.

In case you’re wondering (for a friend) The procedure itself can be relatively quick, too, lasting around an hour with a cost of up to $5,000 US.

If you’d like to see Beckham and his nipples, He and his family were featured in a hit Netflix docu-series last year called Beckham, which chronicled his rise to global stardom and marriage to former pop star Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham.