Half of People Pretend Not To See A Mess, So Others Can Clean It

And those people are called, my family!

Have you been procrastinating on your spring cleaning? You’re not alone — 90% of adults say they get anxious cleaning their homes.

The things that make us the most anxious are the idea of having to clean the floors, carpets/rugs and fridge…

Roughly three-quarters of respondents admit they’re not as thorough as they should be when it’s time to clean and areas of their home will often go neglected because they’re either too hard to reach, are difficult to clean or they don’t have the time to clean.

The survey found. Half either “always” or “often” cut corners when cleaning. Only nine percent claim they never cut corners.

Similarly, 49% admit to “always” or “often” pretending to not see a mess so someone else can clean it instead.

The study found 84% of people have some kind of cleaning routine at home, but two-thirds spend less than 40 minutes in any given room when cleaning it.

We clean the kitchen the most, followed by the bathroom and bedrooms.


  • Floors – 54%
  • Carpets/rugs – 52%
  • Refrigerators – 52%
  • Windows – 50%
  • Dishwashers – 48%
  • Microwaves – 47%
  • Closets – 47%
  • Sofas/couches – 34%
  • HVAC systems – 21%